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Exploring Rotherhithe and the Mayflower

The Mayflower Pub, Site of the Pilgrim's Launch Every American school-age child knows about the Mayflower,  and that it transported the Pilgrims to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. But just how many of us know that the Mayflower ship launched right here in London, just a 10 minute bus or tube ride from London Bridge?  We set out on a sunny day to explore the charming village of Rotherhithe. From our flat near the Tower Bridge, we usually take the bus, but Rotherhithe is also easily accessible from the Jubilee Line, getting off at Bermondsey Station, by the train to Rotherhithe Station, or by the Thames Clipper to Greenlands Dock Pier. I think of Rotherhithe as a hidden gem. Originally home to shipyards which are no longer, the area has retained its character and has somehow stayed tucked away from the throngs of tourists who visit London. To me, it feels like we have stepped back in time.  Starting out at Brunel Road, at the circle, we cross the road ne

I cant Drive a Train

My Residence Permit. No real explanation needed.  I can't be a dentist or a doctor. I can't drive a train. I can't be a professional athlete. Anything else though.  I CAN be a Secret Agent , Electrician, Prime Minister ,  Astronaut ,  Calculus  Professor , Bank President, Film Director,  Truck Driver ,   Scuba Diver,   Nuclear Physicist ,  CPA Barrister 😀 , or  Tugboat Operator !!! truck driver This is the Barrister who I met on the train to Bristol. i didn't get to try on his wig, although i would have liked to.

We were meant to be in this spot

Celebrating the first night in our flat There are moments in life that give you chills, skin prickles, goose-bumps, heebie-jeebies, or whatever you personally call the experience.  For us, moving to this particular flat was one of those moments. For me, it was a sign that we were supposed to come to London, and further, that my mom was still watching over me. When we had a strong inkling that we were moving to London, but still couldn't tell anyone, I started cleaning house. I went room by room, donating what I could, and boxing things for storage.  I had been putting off going through some of my mom's things, which my sister, Carol, had shipped to me.  Finally making the plunge,  I opened the first box of my mom's possessions, and pulled out a slide projector, some reels and a box of those old metal-trimmed slides from the 50's. When I opened the box of slides, the very first slide that I pulled out was this one: my mom's slide of London, taken in 1


They say there is a look alike for everyone..... well, here in London, I might just have more than my share. A little too frequently, people are coming up to me and saying, "Do I know you?" They think I'm someone famous, but cant figure out who. Obviously, I cant help them much  but it does help create some amusing situations.  For example,  a couple weeks ago, Jeff and I went to a movie theater, and while waiting to go in, the manager comes up to us, introduces herself, and offers to show us into the theater. When we get to our seats, she leans in close and says,  "My co-workers and I know you are someone famous, and we've been trying to figure out who you are. We know you want to keep your privacy, but can you tell us? And can we get you a drink or something to eat?" " Oh no, I'm nobody famous, haha, but thank you for the offer... sure, maybe some popcorn....?" Next thing I knew, she was gone. Once I wasn't famous, you

a Perfect Sunday Run along the Thames!

A perfect run along the River Thames  (about a 3 mile run) For the first morning in a long while, we woke up this morning with SUNSHINE in our eyes (ok, maybe it had to do with the fact we slept in, but it DOES seem to be getting lighter here!  So, inspired by our downstairs friend Howard, and maybe with the hope of working off a few calories from our "Long Lunch" yesterday (more on that later!),  we decided to try our luck at running a few of the River Thames bridges this morning! We live right at the Tower Bridge, so that gives us a few options. We could have crossed over the bridge, and zig-zagged through all the tourists at the Tower of London, but we much prefer the beauty and stark granite of the southbank, so we took off towards the London Bridge, and crossed the river at the bridge. View of River Thames looking east toward Tower bridge and HMS Belfast, Canary Wharf in distance The river is so beautiful, I had to stop and snap a photo!Jeff and I fo