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Battersea: Date night at a defunct Power Station!

There are plenty of things to do in London--- no matter what the time of day, or what  your interests may be, there is something for everyone. But I have to say that going on a date to a defunct power station was not on my radar!   I'll show you around what is set to be one of London's most exciting and innovative destinations, but first, a little history.... The Battersea Power Station is located in West London, just across the Chelsea Bridge from Chelsea. It was built in the 1930's by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also built another almost identical power station, which now houses the Tate Modern Museum on the Southbank. Scott, who was already famous for designing the red telephone box, constructed the interior with lavish art deco fittings and decor, and when it opened, it was described as a "temple of power". It is still one of the world's largest brick buildings.   The power station closed in 1975, but it was never demolished, due to its Grade I

A few hours at St. Katharine Docks, a secret in plain sight!

It's a beautiful Saturday,  perfect for taking a walk across the Tower Bridge and exploring Saint Katharine Docks! St Katherine Docks are situated right behind the large Guoman Tower Hotel monstrosity They say that often the best kept secrets are hidden in plain sight, and St. Katharine Docks is no exception!  St. Katharine Docks is a delightful boat harbor on the east side of the Tower Bridge, tucked into the shadows of the Tower of London and the Tower Hotel. Most tourists don't even see it, but walk through its path and you will find sail boats, "pirate" ships, the Queen's own Gloriana barge (docked here April through November), as well as a myriad of great restaurants in which to while away the day. The Gloriana barge is covered with 22k gold leaf which does not need polishing! To enter St. Katharine Dock, let's walk along the bank in front of the Tower Hotel. It's Saturday, so all of the World Food Market Vendors are here,

Kensington Gardens--and attack of the "wild" parakeets!

Today, My Lovely Life Abroad visits Kensington Gardens, a park full of surprises! Although many consider Kensington Gardens to be a part of Hyde Park, it is actually one of London's eight Royal Parks, and comprises 255 acres roughly separated from Hyde Park by the Serpentine and Long Water.  With so many things to see and do inside Kensington Gardens, today I'm lucky enough to be with my friend Amy, who lives nearby, and so we are getting her  "secret insider" tour! We start out at Lancaster Gate Underground Station, and enter the park near the Victoria Gate Lodge,  a prior gatekeeper's home, which is a little known cover for a  pet cemetery hidden behind the home. The pet cemetery isn't generally open to the public (if you are truly interested, contact and pay £50), but if you peek through the hedges, you can catch a glimpse of some of the 300 tombstones within. In 1881, the gatekeeper, known as Mr. Winbridge, bega