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Magnificent Milos, Greece

When I think of an ultimate Greek vacation, I imagine pristine beaches, warm azure water, sun, and no crowds. Unfortunately, for summer travelers to some of the most popular islands, what they see are touristy villages and crowded beaches. Not so in Milos. With Milos, you are left speechless at every turn. Milos is an island of exquisite beauty and yet extreme simplicity. Milos is what I imagine Greece should be... the Greece of your parents' era, when crowds were unknown, and ohhhhh the beaches. Even though this island in the Cyclades region of Greece is quite small (only 60 square miles), there are over 70 beaches, each unique and beautiful. You'll also see rocky rainbow-colored cliffs  on the ocean's edge,  moon-like volcanic areas, and water eroded caves visited by pirates in the 1500's. It is just magnificent. And did I mention how blue the water is? Two full days here are not nearly long enough to partake in all that Milos has to offer