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Brexit 10-day countdown. seriously?

I actually saw this sign outside of London Bridge Underground Station today.   The scrolling sign shouted that there are 10 days until Brexit and we should "prepare now" by going to the government Brexit website.  I stood there flabbergasted, and actually waited until the image popped up again, just to make sure I didn't imagine the poster. Under normal circumstances, in a normal world, you might expect to see a countdown such as this. However, this is not a normal situation....or dare I say, a normal world. For those of you who live here, I'm sure you would be just as shocked as I was to see an official notice from the government stating with absolute authority that we have 10 days until Brexit, because as of this second...6:05pm on October 22, 2019... there has yet to be any agreement by the UK Parliment to even leave the European Union. And today is the first such warning I have seen.   Not surprisingly, I was left with a few questions: Where h