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Swiss Alps Perfect Ski Weekend!

Jeff and I are always on the lookout for great weekend getaways, especially during London's dreary winters. We like to ski, so naturally a weekend in the Swiss Alps sounded intriguing. Why not head to Switzerland and see how the skiing compares to our native Lake Tahoe, California slopes? Sounds good to us! and the answer to that question is Switzerland wins : Longer runs, zero lift lines, ability to ski multiple resorts on one ticket. I'm all about the charm, and once we had heard that there were adorable car-free villages in the Swiss Alps which could only be reached by a cog train, we were "IN"! After a bit of research, we decided on Wengen ("W's" are pronounced as a V in German). Gotta say, it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend. Well, except that Switzerland is expensive... that would be Expensive with a capital E. Day1: Thursday ..."PLANES AND TRAINS" We hopped on an 8:30am flight from London's City Ai