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Perfectly Picturesque Poland: why you should plan a visit!

Old Town Torun View from Malbork Castle We've been wanting to go to Poland for years. Maggie, our two-time exchange student is from Torun, Poland, and she's asked us to visit her about a zillion times. Somehow, with kids, schedules and work, it never happened until last week. Now we are smitten, and are already scheming our next trip to this magical country, so steeped in history, culture and beauty. We landed in Gdansk (pronounced: G'dinesk), which is located on the Baltic Sea, and with Maggie, our great tour guide, we visited the trio of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, as well as Malbork, Torun and Ciechocinek (pronounced: cha HO chee neck), all of which I can't wait to show you!  But first, here are 6 wonderful reasons to visit Poland: 1. Beautiful and varied landscape 2. Rich in history and culture 3. Cities are not crowded and have great architecture 4.  Great food (and drink) 5.  Spas 6. Friendly people  1. Poland has a