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Brexit. done. next?

Yesterday was January 31, 2020, Brexit Day. But around London, it was all pretty quiet, a business-as-usual day.  Pretty anticlimactic,  considering the UK was a founding member of the European Union a lifetime-47 years-ago.  Nobody talking about Brexit, no sense of excitement in the air, not much going on except for a planned evening "Celebration" in Parliment Square. This lack of apparent celebration is so unlike the British, for whom it doesn't take much of a reason to celebrate, or set off fireworks anywhere (think Guy Fawkes Day, a November holiday in which Londoners crazily commemorate a day that a guy way back in 1605 tried to blow up Parliment). There were no fireworks last night on the Thames, no pots banging, whooping or singing on our quiet pedestrian street of Shad Thames. Brexit fatigue for sure. The evening event in Parliment Square was marked by a respectable showing of flag wavers, a few buildings lit up in red white and blue, a speech by Nigel Fa