Cambridge, an education in charm!

I love to go exploring in and around London. And, since I've already been to the town of Oxford, I was very interested in seeing the other half of the famed "Oxbridge", the lovely town of Cambridge. 

My friends Kaarina and Diane offered to go to with me, so we met at King's Cross Station, and after a quick 45 min train ride through beautiful countryside, we arrived at Cambridge Station.

Kaarina had already advised me that although both are quite charming, there is an easy way to think of the differences between the two:  Oxford is a city with a university in it, and Cambridge is a university with a town surrounding it.  It is clear from the start that Cambridge exists for its students-- of its 123,000 population, 22,000 (20%) are students, and from the looks of it, each of them owns a bicycle!

It's a short walk down Station Road, and after passing the Catholic Church of our Lady, we made a right onto Hill Street. 
Soon we were in the midst of the 31 colleges which co…

Tante Francine and Charming Brugge Weekend

My friends, Malissa and Gail came to visit me in London, and we decided to take a 3 day trip to Brugge. It's often called the most charming city in Europe. I'd never been, and Gail had been before and loved it, but the main reason for our adventure to this darling town: Malissa was born in Brugge and had livedthere until she was seven! Her Tante Francine still lives there. So, of course we HAD to go!

We made our way to London St. Pancras an hour ahead of departure, as recommended, but we were delayed 1 1/2 hours. One of the fallout affects of Brexit, the customs officials were striking and they had volunteers attempting to hold everything together. We found out later that we were fortunate with a 1 1/2 hour delay---we met someone whose train was delayed 4 hours due to the strike.

By the way: a little info about First Class, Standard Premier or Regular Coach Class. When we purchased our Eurostar tickets, we weren't sure whether to book first class or coach. So, to compromise,…