They say there is a look alike for everyone..... well, here in London, I might just have more than my share.

A little too frequently, people are coming up to me and saying, "Do I know you?" They think I'm someone famous, but cant figure out who. Obviously, I cant help them much  but it does help create some amusing situations. 

For example,  a couple weeks ago, Jeff and I went to a movie theater, and while waiting to go in, the manager comes up to us, introduces herself, and offers to show us into the theater. When we get to our seats, she leans in close and says,  "My co-workers and I know you are someone famous, and we've been trying to figure out who you are. We know you want to keep your privacy, but can you tell us? And can we get you a drink or something to eat?"

" Oh no, I'm nobody famous, haha, but thank you for the offer... sure, maybe some popcorn....?"

Next thing I knew, she was gone. Once I wasn't famous, you've never seen a faster retreat!

Then our daughter, Hailey calls, says her friends were watching a movie, and that they all think I look like Christina Applegate.

So i looked her up. Hmmm, maybe the hair?

And then last week, I was at a luncheon and some women said they thought I look like an actress from "Third Rock from the Sun". Kristen Johnston.  So I looked her up, too.

Maybe? but then I saw more of her photos. The big question is WHICH Kristen Johnston? I'm going to go out on a limb here and just say that this lady has more than one size dress in her closet.


Now, just a couple days ago, I was in the hair salon, telling this story to Dom, my new hair stylist. He decided that I needed to find out once and for all, by using one of those look-alike websites. You put in your picture and voila!
My results were just a bit worrysome.

Ok, i get the 2 women. but a MAN?  and worse is the lady and her HORSE? so is it the woman or the horse? thats what i want to know. Although the horse and i might just have something going there....maybe it's the pinkness of the nose? the mottled skin?sigh.

So, Next time someone asks me if I'm famous, I think I'll just say:

"I'm trying to keep a low profile. Please, no autographs!"


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