A broken foot: no excuses!

I broke my foot hiking.

It's the kind of thing that is genuinely considered a setback in the life of an explorer.

It started innocuously, with a tiny little hike along the Seven Sisters, the famous chalk cliffs along the southern coast of England. Within minutes of starting out, my foot slipped down and into a hole, and that was the end of my explorer's life.

I spent a few hours at a pub, self-medicating with a cider and ice pack, while my friend, Karen finished the hike and took photos of what I would have seen (which turns out to be quite a lot of beautiful scenery, so I highly recommend everything about it but the broken foot!).

Which brings me to my current life in a boot, with crutches and a knee-scooter. 

People have asked me what I have been doing with my time.
Well, besides what I haven't been doing (working out at the gym, practicing my violin or writing my blog come to mind), there are some things that have moved to the forefront of my list of activities:

1. I've spent a LOT of time watching the activity along the River Thames, from my couch. Believe me, there is never a dull moment on this river--- police boats, pleasure boats, frat parties, sailboats, Queen's boats, barges, pirate ships, canoers and cruise ships zip up and down this waterway, and that's not even to mention all the activity on the bridge itself!

2. As well as binge-watching one season of "Stranger Things" and 2 seasons of "Game of Thrones"(yes, I'm late to the party-- I don't normally watch TV),  I've also managed to watch 5 seasons of "The Great British Bake Off",  but have yet to bake a cake from scratch (that would require standing).

3. I've knitted four baby hats, which I'll donate to the local hospital's newborn ward once I finish a few more!

4. I also read my favorite author and friend, Lisa Hughey's new book, "Vanished". If you are looking for a fun, quick great summer thriller and steamy romance, look no further! 

5. ...and studied up on my family tree (thank you to my cousin Phyllis and my friend Bronwyn!). More work to do, but we think we are related to the first Mayflower baby born in America, Peregrine White.

6. and constructed paths around the house made of chairs. Very convenient, although I really need about 30 more chairs.

7.  I learned how to use crutches and ride a knee-scooter (and to sit while being pushed on my knee scooter!)

8. I worked on dream itineraries to France, Slovenia, Montreal and Bangkok. 
Funny thing how dreams so easily become reality..... what we think, we manifest!  So, I'm manifesting the Phi Phi Islands for sure!

9. ...and did a crazy 1000 piece puzzle of the place where I broke my foot. There's nothing like re-living the moment. UGH! (but fun fact: the puzzle was made by the actual cab driver who took us to and from our "hike")

10a.  I made lots and lots of chicken soup. (definitely hoping to counter the effects of #10b)

10b.    I also ate a lot of chocolate. A LOT. By MYSELF. (Thank you, Jane)

Although my brain has felt like mush at times (especially after spending an entire day watching the Great British Bake Off), I realize that this downtime has given me time to reflect, and to do things that I wouldn't normally spend time doing.

I've learned that when you are feeling sorry for yourself, all you need to do is find something TO DO or to OCCUPY your mind, and miraculously life will get better. After all, we are meant to move, to discover, to learn and especially, to appreciate what we DO have.


  1. Thank you!! <3 <3 <3 Heal up so we can go hiking when we visit!!

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