Wilbur Hot Springs: Is life possible with no computer, no phone, no technology?

...uh, maybe?

I know that there are a lot of people who do the National Day of Unplugging thing every year in March. (Do I personally know any of these people? no.)

And my daughter Hailey is a big proponent of social media cleanse days. She does this quite regularly.  But for me, as non-tech as I am, I just have a difficult time giving up my phone and my laptop for any amount of time.

Plus, now that I'm blogging, seems that there is always a photo to take or something fun to write about. Of course that "requires" my laptop and my iPhone.

So, my world went into a shocking tailspin 3 weeks ago, when my computer up and died after a weekend in Vienna that I so wanted to tell you about. Turns out the Apple batteries on the Macbook Air are known to die quickly, but as much as I complained about it, the Apple store here didn't seem to care about my blogging needs (clearly they aren't following me!), so I was left to handwrite some notes on my adventures in Vienna, Bath and Kew Gardens.

When I got my computer back just before boarding our flight to San Francisco, I thought I was lucky, and planned to blog on our Norwegian flight.  But AAAARGGGH, no WIFI on board!

Once we landed in San Francisco, we high-tailed it to Wilbur Hot Springs, up in the middle of nowhere, near Clear Lake, California. I knew there were no phones up there, but somehow, imagined there would be internet... nope. 

So the challenge: Is it really possible to survive 3 days completely checked out of the world? 

Left with a choice of either stressing about the lack of internet (leaving my readers alone for yet another week),  or going with the flow, I chose to try to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. (of course, having a massage helped me make this decision!)

Surprise! The world didn't fall apart while I was checked out. Turns out life is not only possible, but is startlingly vivid and wonderful without the distractions of technology.

Yes, unplugging every now and then can be a good thing for all of us.

And Bonus, I took a few photos of the very beautiful, secluded health retreat, Wilbur Hot Springs!

For those of you interested, Wilbur Hot Springs is a naturally occurring historic (established in 1865) hot spring and 1800 acre nature preserve, located in Williams, Northern California, United States, about 2 hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area. This wonderful retreat features pools in different temperatures, massage, sauna and miles and miles of hiking and bike riding. There are also yoga retreats and Guest Chef weekends among the many special events at Wilbur.

For more information, see their website: wilburhotsprings.com

Ahhhhhh, just enjoying a little dip in the Pool!


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