Maltby Market-- hipster culinary weekend paradise!

Maltby Market on a Saturday or Sunday

Just a short walk from the London Bridge Tube station, this tiny street is a lumber yard during the week, culinary mecca on the weekends. I live close by, and every time I walk through this market, I'm completely amazed at the transformation from lonely stacks of reclaimed lumber into a bustling, thriving food heaven!

Maltby during the week...

and on the weekend!

Lassco, short for the London Architectural Salvage and Supply Company is located at the entrance to the street, and is the brains behind the development of this market. (Lassco is definitely worth stopping into for some very cool and ever-changing finds! think Restoration Hardware back in the day). 

Entering the narrow street under the flags, you will see that both sides of the walkway are chock full of ethnic and delicious food and beverage choices. From bakery options to exotic grilled beef, oysters and seafood to grilled cheese, waffles in egg cartons to brownies, coffee to gin, it's all under the arches of the train tracks. 

This unadvertised, weekend-only market in Bermondsey manages to maintain an "insider-secret" air about it. This market attracts hipsters, local Londoners and in-the-know foodies. It opens around 11 on the weekend, but go before 1, as it gets very crowded, especially if it's a nice day!

Don't miss: Bar Tozino (a permanent restaurant/bar serving great spanish tapas and wine), Maltby & Greek (importers of greek artisan food and drink), African Volcano (burgers on steroids), Dhan Waffles (egg shaped waffles, Taiwan style), Craft Coffee, Bad Brownie (voted best in London), Little Bird (Gin Distillery),  Maldon Oysters, Comptoir Gourmand ( a permanent shop with amazing baked goods) and the Cheese Shop (great Toasties--British for grilled cheese sandwiches)

When you reach the end of the block.... surprise, there's more! Cross the  street, continue into the parking area on the next block, and try the Brewery and distillery and taco shop!

One very fun and unique shop is Hiver, which produces beer made of honey! Ask for a free taste, and tip: you can bring food here and enjoy their beer!!!

But yaaay! You aren't done yet!!!!! There is more beer and cider to drink!!!!
Cross under the arches onto Druid street, hang a left and you will be in the midst of some amazing breweries, cider shops and burger restaurants! (These arches breweries are part of the Bermondsey Mile--Bermondsey lays a very valid claim to being a small brewery center, here in London)

Some of our favorites are Southwark Brewing Co (Large scale brewery, serving real ale from the cask),  Anspach & Hobday (not much seating but serious beer drinking going on), The Barrel Project (over 20 beers on tap!), and my personal favorite, Hawkes Cider (8 ciders on tap, including several from Urban Orchard--made from local apples!)

Hope you enjoyed our gourmet drinking and eating extravaganza at Maltby Market and the Arches!

This photo cracks me up--what are those guys looking at?

Opening times are kind of fluid around here, but count on this: Arches breweries open Thursday through Saturday nights, and Saturday and Sunday during the day. (Some are actually open 7 days a week, check their websites for more info)

Maltby Market openSat 9-5, Sunday 11-5, with the permanent stores open daily, or almost daily.

Breweries: along Druid Street arches, east of Tower Bridge


  1. Thank you Jean, sounds marvelous!!!!

  2. It is so marvelous of you to share the great adventure You and Jeff are on! Makes me want to hop a plane to the other side of the pond!! Thanks for allowing us to vicariously live London through you! Love ya, Sis!

  3. lovely to meet you last weekend! keep the visits coming! x pru (Little Bird)


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