OAT-LY Barista.... necessity or insanity?

Jeff and I were wandering around Borough Market the first week we were here, and came across an adorable coffee shop, The Gentleman Baristas. We wandered in, and I ordered my latte, asking if they had anything non-dairy to put into it. The two gentlemen baristas said that they had oat milk and that I should try it.  

The Gentleman Baristas coffee shop

Let's just say, my world was never the same after that morning. OAT-LY is life changing! ( as in the kind of life changing that Tequila, cinnamon and an orange slice is--thank you LeRoy Wickham!) and it isn't only me who thinks so, as you will soon find out!

So turns out oat milk is as common here as soy milk. Coffee shops have it, and you can buy it in cartons in the grocery store. So, I get to work. Since I use Amazon a LOT here (sorry, Jeff), I decide to buy OAT-LY Barista online. 

YIKES!!!  The delivery guy comes with a FORKLIFT and it is only then that I realize that I had ordered  6 CASES of 12 cartons, instead of 6 cartons.  Good thing it doesn't spoil! My 72 boxes were stuffed in every drawer I have: Silverware drawer--OATLY, Towel drawer--OAT-LY, glassware--yep, OAT-LY. 

Finally, after 7 months, I'm just now starting to get my cupboards back!

I become somewhat evangelical about OAT-LY, and when my friend Amy comes to visit, I'm successful in converting her.  She goes home to Texas and tries to order OAT-LY Barista there.

WHAT???? It's $197 for 4 cartons!!!! OMG!!! She thinks that can't be right, and does some further research. Turns out it is a major supply and demand issue, and OAT-LY in the USA is like gold! There is a SERIOUS OAT-LY shortage. 

Here in London, it's about £5 a carton , or $6.00 (it was about £4 when i bought my stash.

(photo courtesy Delish, Dec 18, 2018)

Turns out that the Swedish maker hadn't counted on the huge demand for their product, and hoped that they could get back in business by January 9th. ...but seeing the prices today on Amazon today, I don't think the USA crisis is over.... just sayin'.

So, what's the draw? OAT-LY fans claim that it makes for a creamier, tastier latte than almond, soy or even regular milk. 

OAT-LY says "We're building a shiny new oat milk factory in the USA. It'll be our first  North American Facility, and will help us expand production by eight times, once it is ready in early spring. We are also working with current production partners to ramp up oat milk output as much as we can."

HMMMM.... isn't it early spring already?

As for my friend Amy, she has found a way to buy OAT-LY in the UK and have it freighted to Texas for less than $1/box. 

All I know is that my stock of twelve OAT-LY's could fetch about $2400 in the USA.... enough to fund a spring trip to Italy!


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