My Charity Shop Crawl in Notting Hill

Wow! the label says J Lindeberg brand! who knew!??

“Charity shop” shopping is “a thing” here!
Once the dusty enclave of those on a budget and starving students, charity shops are extremely popular here. It only makes sense that London, as one of the world’s most fashionable cities, is full of stylish and clean cast-offs.
Perhaps it is because London rents are so high, or that Londoners are so chic (probably a combination of both), but the charity shops I've seen are small, curated boutiques, selling vintage or designer items, at a price, in a beautifully merchandised environment.
My daughter Hailey and I first discovered charity boutiques when she was staying here last summer, and I'll go so far as to say it is one of our favorite things to do here!
Truly, there's no denying the thrill of a good afternoon of charity shopping. It ticks all the feel-good boxes: You're recycling, you're getting something one-of-a-kind, you are supporting a good cause, and bonus!--when you find something wonderful, you feel like you've won the lottery!
So, with no more ado, my friend Amy and I welcome you to our day of charity shopping the boutiques of Notting Hill!
We start off at the Notting Hill Gate Underground Station, but since just about all these charity shops are on either Portobello Road or Westbourne Road, I'll leave you to wander at your leisure, instead of giving you a walking tour.

At the first stop, when I try on 3 black sweaters and a black dress, Amy gives me some good charity shop advice, “Don't play it safe!" And she's right.
There’s just no point finding a boring black tee shirt when you can find a deliciously unique item with character! Easier said than done with me--both of my purchases of the day are black basics! haha!

Mary's Living and Giving
Amy at Mary's Living and Giving Portobella Road
Mary’s Living and Giving is a collaboration between fashionista Mary Portas and Save the Children. Due to donations from London designers, the shop boasts new clothing as well as some great vintage items.
....I’m in love with the vintage tweed jacket and skirt that Amy purchases, and I buy a boring black sweater, haha!

Mary's Living and Giving, Westbourne Road
Above are some pictures from the Mary's Westbourne Road Location, probably the most exclusive shop we visited. Extremely posh!

Royal Trinity Hospice Charity Shop
One of my purchases.. a black knit Jigsaw jacket for £25!

For 125 years, the Royal Trinity Hospice has cared for terminally ill patients in southwest London. This shop is larger than most, and seems to have friendly staff.

But do i step out from my black trend? No, as much Amy tried to nudge me! She buys a checkd skirt and teal cashmere sweater.... I buy a black dress jacket. But still,
this was my favorite stop of the day! I love the Royal Trinity Hospice Boutique!

FARA Charity Shop

FARA means “without” in Romanian, and the FARA charity was founded in 1992 to help Romanian children in orphanages there. FARA has 42 charity shops, and the one in Notting Hill is beautifully curated.You would never in a million years know that this was a charity shop by looking at it. The window displays are eye-catching, and it is filled to the brim with designer labels. Quite expensive, though, and I left empty handed.

OXFAM shop

There are three Oxfams in Notting Hill. These are not your typical Oxfam stores, but one of eight higher-end boutiques. It's a concept started by the woman who revolutionized the TopShop stores, and now she's revamping the Oxfam brand, starting in Notting Hill. The London College of Fashion students are even involved, re-designing some of the items designs slightly to make garments more stylish.

The one on Westbourne Road was nominated one of the 50 best BOUTIQUES in London by the Evening Standard, and has lovely accessories and a designer shoe selection.

282 Vintage Shop

Although this is not technically a charity shop, it is definitely worth a gander inside. It is full of second-hand vintage British apparel, like tweed jackets, morning coats, riding gear and overall cool stuff. If you need a tux for Ascot, a ball gown from the 50's or a riding crop, this is your place!

British Red Cross Charity Shop

The British Red cross operates charity shops throughout the UK, and you can even purchase their items on-line or through E-Bay! This was least curated of all the shops we visited, more like a small Goodwill store in the states, but still, some fun items and  unique kitchenware!

Cancer Research Charity Shop

There are nearly 600 Cancer Research UK shops, obviously with the aim of funding cancer research. This one has a lot of nick-nacks as well as a men’s section. It wasn't as boutique-y as some of the others, but still, some finds to be had here!
But the craziest thing of the day was outside this shop!-- a woman putting on makeup in the back seat of a limo, but she was seated with an industrial size, triple-decker makeup lazy-susan--it was literally 5 feet in diameter, and chock full of probably 500 lipsticks, makeup brushes, blushes, shadows, etc. WHO DOES THIS? I MEAN, WHO GOES AROUND LONDON, ALONE, IN THE BACK OF A LIMO, PUTTING ON MAKEUP??? I took a picture, but it is really hard to see. take my word for it. There are some strange, rich people in London. (Haha, the driver doesn't know what to make of it either!)
Lady in limo putting on her makeup (makeup store included inside)

At finally, at our last stop, I stepped out of my black-only comfort zone and bought some BLUE SUEDE BOOTS!!! Success!


Quick guide to Charity shops in Notting Hill:

Mary’s Living and Giving Shop
7 Elgin Cross,Open Tues-Sat 10am–6pm.
177 Westbourne Road,Open Tues-Sat 10am–6pm.

Fara Charity Shop
10 Elgin Road
hours: 7 days a week, 10-6

Cancer Research
183 Portobello Road
Hours 10-6:30, Sunday 12-6

6 days a week, 10-6pm. Sunday:12-4
170 Portobello Road
245 Westbourne Road
144 Notting Hill Gate

Royal Trinity Hospice
216 Portobello Road
20 Notting Hill Gate
Hours are 11-7 m-Sat, 11-5 sunday.

British Red Cross Charity Shop
164 Portobello Road
Hours 10-6 mo-sa, 12-6 Sunday

282 Portobello Road 
Open 12-5 seven days a week, sometimes earlier.


  1. Nice Jean! I love thrift store shopping too!!! Love your blue suede boots!


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