A winter visit to Petersham Nursery in Richmond

Petersham Nursery, Richmond
I became a Petersham Nurseries groupie when I wandered into Petersham's burgeoning enterprise in Covent Garden last summer.  A cross between Pottery Barn, a True Food's restaurant and a Sloat's Garden Center (a northern california specialty nursery), Petersham Nurseries had me immediately hooked.   And so, on a rainy day in January, my friend Karen and I trekked down a muddy path to the oasis that is Petersham Nurseries. 

this is really the way to get there....well, unless you have a car.
We were met at the entrance by a toddler ambassador of cuteness, and we made our way in. 

a very serious gardener at Petersham's

Let's back up a bit so that I can tell you a little about the history of Petersham Nurseries. Petersham was founded in 1997 by Gael and Francesco Boglione,  homeowners whose property bordered the prior nursery. When they found that the property was slated for development, they immediately purchased it, just to prevent the nursery from being sold to developers. They extensively remodeled the gardens, and when they reopened, Petersham offered an intriguing concept---beautiful antique furniture, home decor, tea and cakes, all nestled among the plants and flowers.

Fast forward to 2019 and Petersham Nurseries has grown to two locations, the flagship store (with 2 restaurants, special events and classes) and their Covent Garden location notably located on Floral Court (with 2 restaurants, a deli, florist and garden shop).

When we first entered, it seemed a little bit empty--but then again, this was January, and thus was to be expected. But as we wandered further, we were amazed at the winter flowers, bulbs and garden apparatus for sale in the greenhouses.

In our meanderings, we came to a beautiful glass enclosed Petersham Cafe restaurant,  decorated with lovely furniture, and surrounded by hanging vines, lights and flowers. This restaurant is very popular, and you can make a reservation on Open Table for lunch or afternoon tea. The restaurant serves Italian inspired seasonal cuisine. 

one of the restaurant's seating areas

Next, we ventured outside to the Teahouse, and discovered a small shed which served soups, salads, sandwiches and cakes, to those looking for something more casual. 

Petersham is dog friendly, and this little guy was waiting patiently for a handout!

My favorite part was the wonderfully inspired home decor area. 
Oh, to have an unlimited decorating budget!
 I'll take one of everything! 

Amazingly, Karen and I both managed to escape with our wallets intact. But my brain is churning with ideas after this visit!  I hope you enjoyed your tour of Petersham Nursery in Richmond. 

Here's an easy question for you: If it was this beautiful in January, can you even imagine what it will look like in May? 

Bye from Petersham Nursery Richmond!


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