Events in London: Winter Lights Canary Wharf

Winter lights Canary Wharf London
Winter in London can be especially grey and dreary, but Canary Wharf has found a way to light up our dark January nights. For the 5th year running, this financial district of London has invited international lighting artists to provide innovative and exciting installations into its public areas.  For those in London from January 15-26, this is a free evening walk not to be missed!

A free and quite organized event, he Canary Wharf folks provide maps to all 21 displays, and one can easily see all of the installations in 1 1/2 hours.  

Heofon Light Maze, by the Cabot Square Fountain
I recommend taking public transport to either Westferry Circus (via the Thames Link water ferry), or the Tube to the Canary Wharf Station. Both are great places to start. For our tour, we started at Westferry, and worked our way to the tube station, and home after having a bite at the very lively Texas/Louisiana style restaurant, The Big Easy.
Two Hearts bu the Cubitt steps, over the water
I'm including my favorite photos here, but there are many others that I was not able to adequately capture on film.... for instance, the "Bit Fall" installation, which attracted quite a following wtih its use of lighted water spurts to create words, or the amazing Cabot Square fountain display set to music.

If you get hungry on your tour of lights,  why not stop for a bite at one of the food trucks set up for "Winter Lights Bites?" There is a nice assortment of trucks providing hot food and drinks! 

Prismatica, at the Jubilee Plaza (by the Canary Wharf Tube)

Angels of Freedom.... there are several througout the Winter Lights area

Aura, at the base of  the Crossrail Plaza

LightBench, at Canada Square Park

part of the Recyclism display at Crossrail Plaza

Here is a handy map for you to print out, just in case you want to plan ahead!

Hope you enjoy your evening at Winter Lights! 
Happy Travels!


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