G&T Snowman: Perfect for Christmas in August!


We moved to London just over a year ago, and I've pretty much gotten past the "every day is a surprise" stage of life here in the UK.... so it was definitely a big SURPRISE when this hot AUGUST DAY,  I received a bundle of CHRISTMAS CARDS in the mail! 

We did sign up for US Postal Service mail forwarding, but unfortunately, the service only continues for 6 months....which would have put the stop date just before last Christmas. So, rather than rail on the USPS, I guess I should express my gratitude that someone took the time to collect all these letters, and that they provided me with an occasion to celebrate the holidays in August!!!

So, what else to do? I lined up all the wintery cards on the coffee table, piped up the Bing Crosby "White Christmas" and immediately was in the mood for holiday cheer! 

Then, I started opening the cards.... and as I opened this lovely winter scene while wiping the little beads of sweat from my neck, I pondered the thought of jumping into the picture, Mary Poppins style! (don't you wish we really could do that?)

Pretty sure I can see these kids and snowmen just around the corner of the road! 
Simply the thought of building a snowman in August gets my head spinning....Perhaps another trip to the top of the tallest building in London is in order! The weather is definitely cooler at the top of The Shard--when it's raining on ground level, it's snowing on the 72nd floor! Employees at the Observation Deck have told me that when it snows, they are asked to build snowmen! Why? Well, to keep visitors from making snowballs, of course! (Obviously, there would be deleterious effects if thrown from 800 feet onto unsuspecting passerby).   

Hmmmm.....I could whip up some snow in my blender and we could have an August snowball fight!....Or even better! Maybe this gust of cold-weather-cards warrants a brush up on my mixology skills!!! Seems to me that a refreshing snowman inspired drink is in order!!!! 

Indeed, now that I've opened all the cards and letters, and am sitting with my snowman drink in hand,  I'm a compete believer in the whole Christmas-in-August thing. It's much easier to catch up on the lives of others without the hustle bustle of December. Here, in the snow-blizzard of my coffee table, I've been able to leisurely catch up on a wedding that I missed, a few births, and even discovered a family friend who has moved within an hour of our London flat. 

So, here's to a new Christmas Tradition! and don't be surprised if you get a Christmas card from us next August!

Frozen Gin & Tonic Snowmen drink recipe

Frozen G &T Ingredients:
1 Cup Gin (or non-alcoholic Gin like Seedlip, above)
1/4 Cup fresh squeezed lime juice
2 Cups Tonic Water (like Fever Tree Elderberry)
2-3 cups ice

Lime Wedge and Straws for arms, carrot nose and blueberry eyes

Combine drink ingredients in blender, pouring in tonic water gently until it reaches the correct SNOW consistency.
Then Mould into Snowballs, Scoop into your glass, and garnish!




  1. You’re our Christmas present in August! Happy birthday Jean!

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